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PositionWe buy, eurWe sell, eur
1 gr 375 prove14.53-
1 gr 583/585 prove22.6725.98
1 gr 750 prove29.03-
1 gr zobu zelts31.09-
1 gr 999 prove38.75-
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PositionWe buy,
We sell,
1 gr 500 prove0.16-
1 gr 750 prove0.24-
1 gr 800 prove0.27-
1 gr 875/925 prove0.310.50
1 gr 999 prove0.35-
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Updated: 2019-12-10 11:00

PositionWe buy, eurWe sell, eur
1 gr 375 prove14.53-
1 gr 583/585 prove22.6725.98
1 gr 750 prove29.03-
1 gr zobu zelts31.09-
1 gr 999 prove38.75-

Gold investment

 PositionWe buy, eurWe sell, eur
Russia 10 rubles Nicholas II (different coins)345.00 EUR385.00 EUR
100 lats 1998627.11 EUR729.11 EUR
Russia 5 rubles Nicholas II (different coins)175.00 EUR195.00 EUR
France 20 Francs (Different Years)239.87 EUR262.12 EUR
USSR 10 roubles Chervonetz (different coins)332.96 EUR408.79 EUR
Australia 1/10 Oz gold Lunar (different years)132.45 EUR169.54 EUR
Australia 1/2 gold Lunar (different years)658.94 EUR725.16 EUR
Australia 1/4 Oz gold Lunar (different years)331.13 EUR375.83 EUR
Australia 10 Oz gold Lunar13102.19 EUR-
Australia Kangaroo 1 Oz gold 1324.50 EUR-
Australia Kangaroo 1/10 Oz gold132.45 EUR158.94 EUR
Australia Kangaroo 1/2 Oz gold662.25 EUR725.16 EUR
Australia Kangaroo 1/4 Oz gold 331.13 EUR375.83 EUR
Australia Kangaroo 10 Oz gold13102.19 EUR-
Australia Kangaroo 2 Oz gold2622.51 EUR-
Austria 1 Oz gold Wienner Philharmonic 1324.50 EUR1387.41 EUR
Austria 1/2 Oz gold Wienner Philharmonic 662.25 EUR-
Austria 1/4 Oz gold Wienner Philharmonic 331.13 EUR375.83 EUR
Austria gold 100 Corona 1915 Franz Joseph I (Restrike)1207.40 EUR1363.19 EUR
Austria gold 20 Corona 1915 Franz Joseph I (Restrike)259.60 EUR293.35 EUR
Austria gold 4 ducat 1915 Proof, Franz Joseph I (Restrike)551.17 EUR656.72 EUR
Austria gold 4 florin 10 francs 1892 (Restrike)123.58 EUR148.29 EUR
Austria gold 8 florin 20 francs 1892 (Restrike)247.28 EUR-
Austria gold ducat 1915 Franz Joseph I (Restrike)146.49 EUR164.07 EUR
Belgium gold 20 francs Leopold I & II244.68 EUR-
British gold 1/2 Sovereign155.89 EUR176.16 EUR
British gold Sovereign311.92 EUR333.13 EUR
Canada 1 Oz gold Maple Leaf1317.88 EUR1385.43 EUR
Canada 1/2 Oz gold Maple Leaf 662.25 EUR728.48 EUR
Canada 1/4 Oz gold Maple Leaf 331.52 EUR-
China 1 Oz gold Panda 1304.63 EUR-
China 1/2 Oz gold Panda 662.25 EUR-
China 1/4 Oz gold Panda 330.86 EUR373.87 EUR
France gold 10 francs (different years)123.58 EUR150.76 EUR
Germany gold 20 mark Wilhelm I & II305.03 EUR332.49 EUR
Italy gold 20 lire, Umberto I, Emanuelie II244.68 EUR263.34 EUR
Mexico 50 Pesos Centennial of Independence (37,5 g fine gold)1517.10 EUR1660.83 EUR
Netherlands gold 10 gulden William III, Wilhelmina I250.14 EUR279.80 EUR
South Africa 1 Oz gold Krugerrand 1284.77 EUR1397.35 EUR
South Africa 1/2 Oz gold Krugerrand 662.25 EUR-
South Africa 1/4 Oz gold Krugerrand 331.13 EUR375.83 EUR
Switzerland gold 20 francs (Vreneli)242.21 EUR265.69 EUR
United States 1 Oz gold American Eagle1317.88 EUR1407.94 EUR
United States 1/2 Oz gold American Eagle662.25 EUR723.84 EUR
United States 1/4 Oz gold American Eagle 331.13 EUR378.31 EUR
United States Buffalo 1 Oz gold 1324.50 EUR-
United States Double Eagle 20 dollars "Liberty" head1249.42 EUR1371.16 EUR
United States Double Eagle 20 dollars "Saint - Gaudens"1281.45 EUR1389.10 EUR
x Gold bullion bar 1 g42.65 EUR-
x Gold bullion bar 2.5 g106.49 EUR-
x Gold bullion bar 5 g210.85 EUR234.28 EUR
xx Gold bullion bar 10 g425.83 EUR-
xx Gold bullion bar 20 g843.14 EUR-
xxx Gold bullion bar 1 oz1304.63 EUR1384.10 EUR
xxx Gold bullion bar 50 g2125.01 EUR-
xxxx Gold bullion bar 100 g4215.82 EUR4403.19 EUR
xxxx Gold bullion bar 250 g10486.38 EUR-
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